31 January 2014

Easy Development for STM32 Devices without an IDE

I've posted it before finishing as an easy way to grab the links if you already know what you're doing

Sometimes IDEs can drive you mad. Or maybe you happen to have three of them installed from separate device vendors, each resulting in a separate installation of Eclipse.. grrr! Or sometimes... you just want to go back to basics!


"But I don't mind using an IDE" - The real point of this tutorial is to show how an IDE runs behind the scenes. All that console text you see flying past when you hit Build is full of useful information that beginners take for granted. It might all look like witchcraft if you're new, but it's must more straightforward than it seems. In fact if you get frustrated with these large, clunky IDE installations, you'll love this tutorial!

5 September 2013

XS1 - Xbee Sensor Board

After having a few issues with the previous board I built, the RC Due. I decided to throw together a simpler, 8 bit version.

17 August 2013

Hand solder leadless surface mount ICs without paste

Here I do a tutorial on my method of soldering parts that only have pads under the device. You don't need to worry about drag soldering or having extra long pads on your PCB design. All you need is a decent iron, some solder, flux and a hot air gun. NOTE: This isn't for devices with large numbers of pads such as BGA, they will require pre-balling.

4 July 2013

RC Due - A new genaration of open source RC vehicle controller

After battling with many ideas, I needed a board that could cater to someone that was always adding new features to their models. The RC Due project is currently in early development and more information will be released within the coming month. The hardware and software will become open source and it is hoped that a strong community can form around it and develop together.

The currently hardware will boast:

- ARM cortex M3 microcontroller (same as the Arduino Due)
- Arduino compatible
- 12 PWM channels
- 11 ADC channels
- 2 DAC channels
- On board xbee header
- 9 DOF position sensors (accel, gyro, mag)
- Altimeter
- 8 GPIO
- I2C, SPI, Serial
- Powered from standard ESC or BEC

These features may change

9 November 2012

Mini ITX Gaming PC Update

During the summer of 2012 I took the plunge into the Ivybridge market and grabbed a new CPU, motherboard and RAM to make what was once a media centre PC, into a personal rig.

31 October 2012

Printrbot build

A short video demonstrating the build procedure for standard Printrbot but with a smaller extruder. 

25 October 2012

Custom Battle Axe Guitar

Almost a year later! This is now my one and only guitar. Having sold my Ibanez RG370DX, this one has stood the test of time much more than I had expected...